GyroTools Privacy Policy

Applies from 01.09.2023.

GyroTools complies with the provisions of Swiss data protection legislation when managing and processing data, in particular data relating to persons (“personal data”). The following provisions explain the type of data collected and the purpose for which it is used.

This privacy policy applies to customers who use GyroTools’ products, services, and the GyroTools Customer Portal.

Customers accept this privacy policy when they register with the GyroTools Customer portal or by using any of GyroTools' products and services.
The current version of the privacy policy, which can be found on the GyroTools website, applies. 

GyroTools protects the customer data it collects by implementing appropriate security measures and deploying secure servers.

The data that GyroTools processes are secured by appropriate technical and organisational measures against loss, destruction and manipulation as well as against unauthorised access, modification and dissemination.


a) Registration & account of customers and other users 
Registration with the GyroTools Customer Portal requires the deposition/transmission of information (including personal data) after acceptance of the privacy policy and any other contractual components, in particular:

First, last name
Name and address of organization or institution
Telephone numbers
Email addresses
Information on means of payment
IP address, channel and date of registration.

GyroTools requires this information for the purposes of concluding contracts and processing reciprocal contractual services. The data stored is primarily used for processing services and for communications between GyroTools and customers.

b) Use of products and services
GyroTools collects data on the date and time products and services are used, as well as data identifying the hardware used to run the software products, including manufacturer, model type, and serial number of the main system components (mainboard, CPU, Bios, memory, network adapters, hard drives, and graphics card), as well IP- and Mac addresses, operating system model and version number.

The information collected is used by GyroTools to enforce the product licensing terms and notably to restrict the non-licensed use of the software. It is also used to improve the availability and quality of services and products.

c) Contact 
GyroTools may record electronic and/or telephony communications with its customers, in particular for product support, quality assurance, and training purposes.
GyroTools offers several channels by which it can be contacted. Personal data is collected when the customer provides it for the purpose of using a GyroTools product or service.

d) Use of third-party products and services
For various purposes (e.g. payment processing), GyroTools works with third parties with whom the customer enters into a contractual relationship independent of GyroTools. 

GyroTools has no control over the data collected and used by these third parties and refers enquirers to their data policies.

e) Use of the website and the GyroTools Customer Portal
GyroTools collects and uses data that customers generate, transmit or disclose by using the GyroTools website and/or Customer Portal.
When customers use the GyroTools website and/or Customer Portal, cookies and other identification technologies are deployed to authenticate users, store user settings and analyse these channels.

GyroTools is entitled to collect and process customer data (including personal data) and to create data collections for the purpose of concluding contracts, processing mutual contractual services and communication.

GyroTools will not commercialize customers’ personal data. 

GyroTools does not share personal customer data with third parties in connection with its business activities except:

a) For the purpose of checking the identity of customers and/or entitlement to using certain GyroTools' services.

b) At the instigation of the customer (e.g. disclosure to his/her contacts or in connection with the use of certain features or social media)

c) To protect the legitimate interests of GyroTools (e.g. in the event of a risk of claims by third parties or authorities against GyroTools)

d) For identifying customers and processing customer enquiries when contacted through any of the GyroTools communication channels

If GyroTools shares data with third parties which are processing customer data on its behalf, it is incumbent on GyroTools to ensure that they only process said data in the same way as GyroTools itself is permitted to process it.

The length of time for which data is stored depends on the purpose for which it is to be used. Data is retained only for as long as is commercially necessary and proportionate.

Data that GyroTools is required by law to retain for a certain period of time (e.g. as a result of documentation and retention obligations for accounting or tax records) is retained for at least the statutory retention period.

Customers may have the personal data transmitted to GyroTools corrected/updated or deleted at any time, provided that GyroTools is not required to retain this data due to legal requirements.

Customers wishing to have personal data deleted can do so via email to gt(at) with the subject “Delete personal data” and a description of the request.

GyroTools will not delete data required to use a paid service or a licensed software unless the customer agrees to terminate the service or license. GyroTools will not delete data collected and stored in anonymised form that can only be matched to a specific customer with a disproportionately large effort.

GyroTools reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time. Such amendments (including the loss of rights and/or benefits) shall not give rise to any right of termination on the part of the customer.

Changes are communicated to customers in an appropriate form and are deemed to have been approved by them from the change date communicated.

GyroTools has no control over changes to the privacy policies of third parties and does not notify customers of same.

Questions or suggestions regarding this privacy policy should be directed by email to GyroTools’ customer service at: gt(at)

GyroTools LLC
8044 Zurich | Switzerland