R1       Pulse Programming Course, Philips MR Platform
   September, 17-21 2018, Zurich

Intended for scientists who wish to modify MR scan software and develop their own pulse sequences, this 5-days course provides background information about the Philips MR system and introduces to practical pulse programming including extended exercises and hands-on. Basic general programming skills are a pre-requisite for this course.

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  R2       Recon 2.0 and Data Handling Course, Philips MR Platform
   September 24-27 2018, Zurich

Targeting basic and clinical scientists, this 4-days course provides in-depth information and hands-on experience with the Philips image reconstruction software as well as data handling and research options of the Philips MR platform. Course contents: Philips image reconstruction platform Recon 2.0 (3 days including practical exercises), structure and handling of image and data file formats, image reconstruction techniques, image post-processing using the PRIDE platform, Matlab-based image reconstruction with ReconFrame.

→Download Image Recon 2.0 Course brochure


  R1&2       Pulse Programming + Recon 2.0 and Data Handling Course, Philips MR Platform
   September/October 2018, Zurich

Both the pulse programming and the image reconstruction course back to back. This is the ultimate program to learn all about using the Philips MR platform in a reasearch environment. Refer to the descriptions above for the course contents. Register for both courses and get a significant discount on the total course fee.