Powerful Data Processing

Use the built-in processing tools or connect your favorite processing software to define complete processing pipelines. Define where your processing takes place: on a specific client, on the server, or in the cloud. Schedule or trigger execution on specific events.

Powerful tasks in no time

With Agora's powerful data processing framework, processing tasks are integrated in no time. Demonstrated here is the implementation of a brain segmentation task (skull stripping). It takes no more than 2 minutes to set up.

The task deploys  a docker container and runs a python script which uses the DIPY package, a free and open source software project for computational neuroanatomy. The tasks collects and stores resulting images and segmentation masks back into the correponding Agora project. No explicit software installation is required on the Agora server and once the task is defined, it can be shared with other users and applied on any data set stored in Agora.

Automate data processing with triggers

Versatile task execution triggers allow to automate single processing steps or entire processing pipelines.

In this example an Agora Trigger is set up to automatically perform the brain segmentation task on data import if the filename contains "DTI"

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