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Registration: Pulse Programming Course in Zurich*
(19-23 March, 2018)

Course fee: 2900 EUR (excl. travel expenses and lodging)
(Price reduction in combination with research Tools and Data Handling course)

Refunds and Cancelations: A refund of the course fee, less Euro 100.- for administration charges, will be made when a written cancellation request is received by GyroTools GmbH 30 days before the course starts. After that day only 20% of the course fee will be refunded upon cancellation.

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What is your scientific background:
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Which are your major research areas:

Level of knowledge of the sequence development mode on the Philips MR scanner:
profound       good       fair       marginal       none      
Which programming languages do you have experience with:
C       C++       Java       Fortran       Basic/Pascal      
Level of knowledge of C programming language:
profound       good       fair       marginal       none      
Do you have experience with MR pulse programming?
yes       no      
If yes, with which systems (for Philips systems please indicate the release(s)):

Do you have experience with MR sequence design?
yes       no      
General Remarks, Comments etc.:

Clinical Science Agreement with Philips Healthcare:
No       Yes *
* This course is limited to research sites with a Clinical Science Agreementwith Philips Healthcare.
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